The heart of the Earth is like a very huge stone

Sometimes, I don’t know if it’s my mind who becomes crazy or if it’s my brain who start to die very quickly but I see a world without any sensitivity.

It’s like if the heart of the Earth was a very huge stone. Hard, unbreakable.

All that I know is true it’s the existence of stars beyond the astmophere and the cloudy sky. A sky which are just over our heads and keep the doubts into our hurts and our lives since the beginning until the end,

Doubts with full of lights,

In fact, maybe it’s more a hope than a fear for us. Explore places we don’t already know is quite exciting and people need to dreams about something that we’re ignoring until now.

Humanity sometimes sounds scaring but it is also full of surprises. Don’t you think ?

I can’t stop imagine and thinking that maybe, the most important thing we have to discover it’s just right here, in this Earth. Under our feets and into our bodies.

Don’t you think that it’s crazy that we are alive ?


Artwork by Jay Fleck (original in color):



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